Aeon Sourcing is international trading company supply chain management who is committed to achieving the highest standard of service and meets the needs of International businesses through competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery – mainly dealing with yarn to garment for knit, woven and DENIM. We are also involved in Home Textile and Terry Towels we are the service provider of world-class symbol and trading services to international buying organizations for all readymade garments products and home Textile . Our comprehensive services provide leading international apparel brands with the end-to-end solutions that they need, from industry research, product development and production to quality control, documentation and shipping.

What can we do for you?

  • Develop your collection
  • Source your requirements
  • Serve you from the drawing board to delivery
  • Provide quality control for your production

We offer a complete suite of end-to-end solutions to help you launch your own collection. We are located in Dhaka and China office, the country’s fastest growing Garments focal point. We offer the support of a trained professional team. We assume complete responsibility to make our client’s buying experience out of Bangladesh simple, profitable and Qualityful.

As part of our functional responsibilities we facilitate the following:

  • Identification of product source
  • Factory compliance audits
  • Clients visits to Bangladesh Factories.
  • Product development-As per client requirement
  • Price Negotiation
  • Proto development
  • SSS and Pre Production sample (all material will actual)

Bulk Production

  • Production control (IPC, DUPRO, FRI)
  • Quality assurance and inspections(By own team or third party)
  • Logistic support up to the port of discharge.

Product Development & Sourcing:

  • Investigate new trends and fabrics/yarn/accessories for each season.
  • Develop your collection for presentation. We can also develop exclusive collections per buyer.
  • Identify the factory set-up most suitable for the product of interest.
  • Negotiate the best price for fabrics/yarn/accessories to achieve maximum return on investment.
  • Negotiate the best price for the finished product.